Retail Industry Solution
All the retailers currently ranking among Fortune Global Top 500 Enterprises have adopted the retail chain business model, which is obviously a development trend for the world’s retail industry and also a mean approach for retailers to take advantage of scale. Through the chain business model, multiple shops implement unified procurement, distribution and administration, to share cost, information and profit among one another and obtain advantageous status. However, such advantage requires a high degree of consistency of shop operation and logistics, which reflects the importance of logistics to the retail business.

Thanks to its active development of retail logistics, Loxson has formulated a complete set of retail logistics management system, with the following features:
1.Help enterprises raise their levels of logistics management. Reconstruct and design processes with the help of Loxson’s logistics supply chain management and optimization.
2.Reduce corporate inventory. Through systemization and standardization of logistics management, Loxson’s professional warehousing and distribution management team can grasp updated cargo status in real time.
3.Lower procurement cost. By extending organizational boundaries, customers can get aware of cargo information at any time so as to organize procurement and timely replenish stocks.
4.Expand networks. Loxson has 65 service sites nationwide, which are ready to offer warehousing and distribution services whenever and wherever customers need.

Our Services:
1.Goods sorting, repackaging and distributing on demand of customers’ stores
2.Consultation service of China’s customs commodity inspection policies and trade terms, and design and implementation of optimal import/export solutions
3.On-site service for stores


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