Chemical Industry Solution
Loxson has a specialized dangerous goods (DG) transport fleet and professional managers, including professionals specializing in logistics management, such as DG transport and warehousing, and in computer technology, and a batch of drivers and supercargo personnel that are well trained in professional and driving skills, experienced in many years of safe driving, and certified for operating DG, inflammables and explosives.

Through long-term practice of DG transport, Loxson has accumulated rich experience in safe operation. Prior to a DG transport, the safety status of the vehicle(s) will be verified in advance, and then the goods will be transported to the destination at a high speed throughout the journey. On the way of a DG transport, each carrier vehicle will be assigned with a strictly-trained DG supercargo. Loxson will keep tracking each of the vehicles to get aware of their status.

Loxson utilizes modern management methods to ensure safe, fast and quality service and lower customer’s cost to the minimum possible, thus winning the reputation of many customers.


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